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Becoming Media Literate

This week, I surfed on the web to have more information about the notion of “Global Warming”.

I had an idea about what it is because media talk about it anytime. I heard that it can be linked but the fact that the green house gases which release to the air, that amplify  global warming which can have many bad repercussions on the Planet Earth by breaking the balance of nature and provoke many environmental issues. But for me, the definition is too vague.

In fact, in many articles in media and on the blogs, everybody talks about “Global warming” but nobody knows what it is exactly, or is able to give a good definition of it. Nobody knows causes, effects and what we can do to reduce this phenomenon… For many environmental issues, the notion of “global warming” is finger pointed by people while the issues are not directly linked to global warming. For example, “global warming” can be used for anything like deforestation, animals in danger…

This video is an ironical way to show that no one and even our leaders really knows what global warming is. Enjoy !


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