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Becoming Media Literate

In my opinion, one of the most important issue on the Internet is the fact that when you decide to post online some information about you, you cannot control what it gonna become. If you post some pictures or videos of you, you cannot control who will see it and what people will do with your pictures or videos. Moreover when you post something you cannot delete it entirely. Basically, as protection system are growing stronger, hackers are becoming tougher and nothing is really protected on the internet. It’s important to be aware that hackers succeeded in breaching the security of U.S Army network so imagine what they can do with your personnal information stocked on your little family computer protected by your little family antivirus!

On the Internet, you cannot control the contents that you publish and it is very difficult to manage your e-reputation. Besides, this Internet issue is all the more significant when it is children or teenagers who publish their pictures or videos because they are not really informed about risks and they don’t really care about their e-reputation.

So, when I saw these 2 english of american ads on youtube, I regretted that there is not the same prevention in France.


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