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Since 2009, there is a big phenomenon in many cities in France. Thanks to social networking, tens of thousands of people gather for giant outdoor aperitifs organised via Facebook for instance. This phenomenon has began in Nantes, then has been spread to Rennes, Brest and in the others big cities in France.

But the gathering of thousands of people who have fun and drink cocktails can be very dangerous. In fact, authorities are warning that the hugely popular fashion is becoming a public danger due to violence and the rise of what the French now call “le binge drinking”. And there were many accidents in France because authorities cannot anticipate the place and time of theses meetings and it is difficult for authorities to controle and ensure security during the aperitif flashmob.

Moreover, in the case of meeting organized by social networking, the authorities cannot see and determine who is the person in charge of the group on Facebook and of the meeting. Because in fact there is no person in charge and this absence of person in charge provokes security issues during the meeting and sometime dramatic accidents.

So who is in charge in these aperitif meetings ?

I wonder if it is not the social network which is  responsable because it allows the gathering.  For me, the phenomenon hightlighs two questions :

– Is it the responsability of social networks which allow this king of gathering ?

– the question of the risk of anonymity in the Internet (because the authorities cannot find the person in charge).


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