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Sometime I like seeing this very weird website which measures population, economic and social statistics but also the interested numbers of hunger or obesity in the world.

 As of today, 917 000 000 people are undernourished in the world and 1 500 000 000 are overweight. The number of people undernourished decreases while on the other hand the number of overweight people is increasing much faster.

That’s worrying : actually it’s important not to lose the goal and turn the world’s hunger into a greasy bloodflow. What I call the columbus syndrom is that manner we have to introduce our way of living in countries where people don’t need it.

During the colonization by introducing alcohol and one new new way of living, diseases have be brought to local populations and destroyes them.

Now, the trends tend to change and you are becoming more and more sedentary, you’re eating fatter meals

That way of living turning people into couch potatoes is spreading worldwide and, by changing the habits of other countries, you are bringing them new diseases they didn’t have before

That’s why killing hunger in the world is great but only if you help people developping local solutions that will be much more adapted to their morphology and way of living.

I’m sure that if you go now on this website you see different statistics…


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