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When I saw this video in 2005, I was shocked and sad. I realised that each second somenone died because of poverty.  I realised that our world ressources were not distributed fairly. Nowadays, it is the same thing.

In rich countries, many people dies of diseases associated with obesity, and in poor countries population suffering extreme poverty and hunger. Is it fair ? I don’t think it is very difficult to find solutions. I think we just need motivations and need to show solidarity.

In fact, poverty in poor countries can be explain by the fact that rich countries are blocking a global trade system and want to preserve their benefits and maintain their prices on agricultual products.

Poor countries can not sell their products and develop their agriculture because of the price embargo by rich countries. According to Made Poverty History association, this injustice will only be changed if enough citizens across the world call on rich country governments to change their trade policies, for example at the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

So we need to stop people’s lives being destroyed because of unfair trade laws – and you can help make that happen.


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