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Over the years, the BRIC acronym has become a symbol of the power and growth potential of the world’s largest rapid growth and emerging markets. Increasingly BRIC is quoted to demonstrate the shift of economic power towards emerging markets and away from developed markets such as the United States, Germany, Britain and even Japan.

In fact, apart from vast geographic size, huge populations with growing consumption needs leading to an emerging middle class (yet growing disparity between haves and haves nots) and, of course, rapid economic development these markets have little in common. Moreover, emerging countries will represent in 2013 57% of the global GDP. The future of occidental industries in the BRIC countries is very exiting. Companies around the world and across industrial scetors are drawn by the business opportunities these markets represent – especially the billions of potentosl new consumers in India and China.

However, these emerging markets are fundamentally different, even from one another. Grouping such as BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) hold little meaning when it comes to planning to win in these markets. A detailed understanding of the differences is essential, and rethinking products development and go-to-market strategies is key to meeting the needs of the new consumers.

BRIC are becoming a real and big challenge for occidental companies !


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