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Facebook Addiction Disorders at CELSA

In my school, we can have access to the Internet anywhere and in all classrooms. The students are geeks because our centers of interest are focused on the Internet and new media. Moreover, each student has his own computer or Ipad to take the course. So, the temptation to go on Facebook is great ! Very very great !

Consequently, all students in CELSA go on Facebook each day during courses and it appears that nobody can escape to this temptation. But CELSA is not an exception. Nowadays, a lot of individuals are quite addicted to the social networking site which is “Facebook”. But some people say that due to this fact the Facebook addicts become less productive on their daily life. Obviously, Facebook should not have an impact on one’s individuals studies nor on careers. You may regret the consequences later, so maybe for this reason the  Facebook addiction should be taken seriously. Many companies especially in offices are taking steps to stop employees from using facebook during working hours because they are becoming less productive. For instance, companies are using some softwares to block the  access of the Facebook site. And if an employee is being caught during working hours using Facebook, he can be fired !

So it is wise to try to curb a Facebook addiction if  it is developing now.

Help ! CELSA needs a rehab center !!!


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