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One night, I was boring in my room, I didn’t want to watch TV or movie. I decided to go on Facebook. But after 30 minutes, I finished to see all profiles of my best friends.  I was wondering  what was Antoine, a friend of me, this night. So, I decided to go on Foursquare, the social network based on geolocalization. On Foursquare, it is possible to share the places where you are with your friends.

Antoine and me are used to share and show our favorite places and pubs in Paris ! But Antoine is a real geek and he likes to share everytime where he is. So this night, I decided to see every hours where he was (yes, I have nothing else to do!).

Besides, Antoine has an account on Twitter. And Foursquare and Twitter are connected. So Antoine can comment the place where he is on Twitter in live.

So, during, the whole night, I can know where Antoine was and what he shared on Twitter.

So the next day, I explained Antoine that I can spy on his every movements thanks to Foursquare and Twitter, so I think that theses applications can be really intrusive in life !


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