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Becoming Media Literate

Nowadays,Internet allows the access to a huge number of websites that want you to think they are the expert in a particular subject. But it seems to be more unskilled than real experts or professionals. So you have to be careful where the reliability of Internet information is concerned, for example when you want to have health or political information.

Besides, computers and small personal electronics like mobile or Ipad, can make information easy to find. It is a shame that much of the information simply isn’t accurate. Content sites heavily populate the internet. Some offer great information that has been well researched. Others lack in real expertise in a subject. When using the computer or other personal electronics to find answers, look for sites that have links to the information they’re referring to and you can look to see if references have been listed at the end of the website or the articles.

Even though the invention of the computer and internet reduced the number of trips we need to make to the library, learning how to do research on the internet is as important as learning how to use a catalogue in library. You still need to verify that information.

The good news is that information can be verified fast. Computer and search engines have made valuable knowledge accessible in seconds. Take few extra seconds to search for the truth.

Wiki sites such as Wiki Leaks are typically pretty reliable because they are designed to be edited and monitored by people who feel they are expert in the subject.  You may find links and references to verify or to have more information. Wiki internet sites are a vibrant academic place to find the most recent information and knowledge.


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