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Becoming Media Literate

Nowadays, to survive and thrive on the Internet you have to respect some commandments, here are ten

1. Thou shall protect your identity on the web : all information about you can be seen by everyone. You have to manage your personnal branding or your e-reputation.

2. Thou shall get to the point ! Do your best to keep your messages brief and to the point. People surf  from page to the others and  want to have news quickly.

3. Thou shall be respectful with other users. Never forget to greet people politely in every message you send. It really makes you seem like a friendly person.

4. Thou shall make use of emoticons which help you to get you message across. When you write emails or messages you may be misunderstood and using emoticons will help the understanding of your message.

5. Thou shall be patient on the web. If you are upset or angry about something, try and wait a while before writing another message. This way, you can calm down and think carefully about your wording in terms of politeness. Remember, once you hit ’send’, your message has gone into cyberspace forever!

6. Thou shall be careful with the use of the “reply all” option on mail box. Do you really want to everyone to get this message or only the person who sent it to you ?

7. Thou shall  log out on the websites or social networks  when you quit your computer. Someone with an evil mind can go on your profile or your account and make jokes or other bad things.

8. Thou shall be care about what you say and comment about on Internet because it can be misunderstood and you can be accused or charged.

9. Thou shall verify information on the Internet and not trust everything. Inernet is not reliable.

10. Thou shall not copy too much content or not download illegaly  and respect the work of people and artists. Or just a little !!!


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