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Becoming Media Literate

Such as Georges Orwell in his book 1984, Jules Verne in Paris au XXe siècle, I attempted to write a short novel, to imagine the world in the next decades. My short novel talks about the life of a young man who lives in Bordeaux in south of France in 2030.

Many things have changed. Ecology and protection of environment are becoming a priority.  In streets, there are less cars and more electric bikes, scooters and trams. Streets are silent. People walks more (because good health is becoming a main issue).

In shops, people doesn’t pay with cash, but they just pay with their smartphones. Money is coming down to online payments.

With those phones, people can know where are their friends :  geolocalisation is becoming global. The world is changing with  digital innovations.

Before meeting someone in real for the first time, you can know everything you want about him and his activities in life thanks to social networks. Relationship between people is changing,  virtual is taking the place to reality.

So, in this short novel, I attemps to show how the world could be in the future. If you want read this short novel, you can contact me in private, or just wait the publishing of my short novel in the next semester, I wish !


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