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Becoming Media Literate

Since the creation of telegraph, each new media which appeared, complements the other pre-existing media. For instance, radio complements newspapers because it can inform people instantaneously when an event took place whereas newspapers cannot deliver news directly. Television allows people to have in the same time, sound and images.

But Internet appears as a medium which includes the other media.  For instance, you can use Internet to see some TV shows, news or movies. You can use Internet to read newspapers or magazines, to read some articles, books, or to listen to the radio and music. You  have access to each media just by one channel, Internet. And now, you can have access to the Internet at anytime and anywhere with many different supports as computers, digital tablets, smartphones or connected TV. But it seems that Internet is more than a multimedia or a transmedia.  Internet is a new kind of media because there are news forms of mass communication :  the arrival of social media on the Internet as social networks (Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon,Linkedin…), forums or blogs.

I made this introduction because when I look what is my media consumption I see that I spend 5 hours a day on Internet. I do not watch TV on a TV set. I do not buy  print newspapers. It is been long time that I have not turned on my radio in my bathroom. But I am not saying that I have stopped to consume media, on the contrary, I consume lot of different media and longer.

Looking every day during three days how I use media – how long, which kind of media etc- , I notice that I spend a lot of time on the Internet and especially on social networks. I use social networks because they allow users to keep in touch with friends,  to see what they post, to be informed  about their lives. In addition, when you are far from home, this new need to keep in touch is even stronger and verified. Social networks can also provide contents and especially news. Users can use social networks to exchange interesting links, videos, articles, pictures. You can call them as “User Generated Contents”. And  this exchange of information turns out to be a real explosion of knowledge. That is why I enjoy going on social networks as they allow me to stay in touch with my friends but also with the world.

But social networks are not sufficient to stay informed. News on social networks are too short, not checked, not done by journalists and there is a lack of details. That is why I visit websites or applications of the main newspapers or newsletters. News are more complete, better informed, checked. In my opinion, newspapers are more legitimate to deliver true news. But it is true that there are some blogs who deliver great information.

Besides, on Internet, I also consult TV news channels to watch sound and images. When I want a short and fast news, I watch TV news channels or I listen to the radio. I do not watch programs, TV shows on my TV set (because I do not have it) but on my digital tablet. And in this way, I can choose programs I want to see.

It is true that I spend too much time on Skype, it is because I come from abroad and therefore I call my family regularly. In my daily life, I use Skype less and more my cell phone.

To conclude, when I watch my media consumption I realise that I am a multitasking. In fact, I use lot of different media in the same time but on different supports as my computer, my cellphone or my digital tablet. And I can read an article on a newspapers, listen to the radio and post on my blog or on social networks simultaneously !

My Media Dairy :

Thursday, January 26th, 2012 

9:00 am – 9:30 am :  iPhone : to watch my messages (1 min), to go on my Facebook account (29 min)

9:30 am – 11:00 am : iPad :  to watch news on ABC News App and BFM TV (15 min), to see my email (5min), to go on Skype to speak with my family in France (40min), to go online on textbook websites to rent textbooks (10 min), to check my bank account (10 min).

01:00pm –  3:00 pm : on my computer : to go online, to post on Facebook and Twitter (30min), to go on Gmail to check my emails (10min), to go on YouTube to watch videos (clips, music) (20 min). To work on WordPress to create my RTVF blog (1 hour).

09:00 pm – 11:00 pm : on my computer : to watch a movie (The Graduate)(2 hours)

Friday, January 27th, 2012 

10:00 am – 12 : 00 pm : iPhone and iPad: to read my messages, to go oline on my facebook and Twitter accounts (30 min), to go on Gmail to check my emails (30min), to go on Skype to call my friends (1 hour).

11:00 pm – 11:30 pm : Computer : to go online to check my messages on Facebook and Twitter (15 min), to read my email (5 min), to read news (10 min)

Saturday, January 28th, 2012 

10:00 am – 01:00 pm : on my computer to read my mails (10 min), to go online on Facebook to post pictures of Stanford university that I took friday afternoon and read the timeline (1 hour). To speak with my family on Skype (50 min). To compare the price of textbooks on different websites and in the same time, to watch news on ABC news app (1 hour).

02:00 pm – 04:00 pm : on my computer : to work on wordpress and write an essay. To listen music and news on a american radio (i don’t know the name).

06:00 pm – 07:00 pm : to read some books about TV shows, films.

Total amount of time on : 

– Social networks (especially Facebook and Twitter) :  2h 45 min

– Mailing : 1 hour

– Surfing on websites (bank, sjsu, wordpress) : 3h20 min

– Skype :  2h30 min

– Cellphone : 5 min,

– Books : 1 hour

– Radio : 1h

– TV on iPad : 15 min

– Movies : 2 hours

– Videos online : 20 min

-Newspapers online : 10 min


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